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Dec 12, 2014

06:28:15 GMT--Vehicle Accident - Middle-America - Nicaragua

EDIS Number: VI-20141212-46302-NIC

Date / time: 12/12/2014 06:22:18 [UTC]

Event: Vehicle Accident

Area: Middle-America

Country: Nicaragua

State/County: State of Ogun

Location: [Corn Island region, Caribbean Sea]

Number of Deads: N/A

Number of Injured: N/A

Number of Infected: N/A

Number of Missing: 30 person(s)

Number of Affected: N/A

Number of Evacuated: 20 person(s)

Damage level: Moderate


Twenty people were rescued alive after a fishing boat with 50 aboard went down in Caribbean waters off the coast of Nicaragua, the Central American nation's navy said Thursday. The search continues for the other 30 people on board the White War Wing. "The boat set sail with 50 people. There are 20 who were rescued alive and 30 who are missing," said Nicaraguan naval chief Rear Adm. Marvin Corrales at a press conference. On Thursday morning, initial reports were that 13 people had been rescued, nine of whom were found on Corn Island and four on Prinzapolka. The other seven survivors were found in the coastal community of Kuanwatla. The vessel capsized when a large wave hit it sometime around midnight Monday 36 nautical miles east of Bilwi, in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, the navy said in its latest report on the matter. On board the vessel were 14 crewmembers, 18 divers and 18 divers' assistants, said the navy, which was informed of the shipwreck on Thursday morning. Corrales said authorities were refusing to give the 30 missing people up for lost because "these people have a lot of experience at sea." The Nicaraguan army deployed five speedboats, two coast guard vessels and an aircraft to scour the area in the hope of rescuing more survivors. Four other private vessels that were fishing in the vicinity have joined the search efforts, Corrales said.

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