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Mar 25, 2015

04:11:33 GMT--Biological Hazard - North-America - USA

EDIS Number: BH-20150325-47475-USA

Date / time: 25/03/2015 04:10:48 [UTC]

Event: Biological Hazard

Area: North-America

Country: USA

State/County: State of Arkansas

Location: Springdale

Number of Deads: N/A

Number of Injured: N/A

Number of Infected: N/A

Number of Missing: N/A

Number of Affected: N/A

Number of Evacuated: N/A

Damage level: N/A


A skunk found walking near a road in Springdale was confirmed rabid by the Arkansas Department of Health. The skunk was found less than a mile from Harp Elementary School during the day and was not behaving normally, according to a release from ADH. The skunk wasn't walking properly, appeared sick and allowed a person to pick it up, the release states. The ADH suggests parents remind their children not to touch wild animals and to stay away from stray pets. Rabies is a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord and is a fatal disease. It's most often found in Arkansas in skunks and bats. The virus lives in the saliva and nervous tissues of infected animals and is spread when they bite or scratch. It can also spread if saliva from an infected animal touches broken skin, open wounds or the lining of the mouth eyes or nose. The first sign of rabies in an animal is usually a change in behavior. Rabid animals may attack people or other animals for no reason or they may lose their fear of people and seem unnaturally friendly. Staggering, convulsions, choking, frothing at the mouth and paralysis are often present. Many animals also have a change in voice pitch, such as a muted or off-key tone. An animal infected with the virus usually dies within one week of showing symptoms of rabies.

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