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Mar 28, 2015

14:47:08 GMT--Volcano Eruption - Asia - Russia [Asia]

EDIS Number: VE-20150302-47163-RUS

Date / time: 02/03/2015 03:44:21 [UTC]

Event: Volcano Eruption

Area: Asia

Country: Russia [Asia]

State/County: Kamchatka

Location: [Shiveluch volcano ]

Number of Deads: N/A

Number of Injured: N/A

Number of Infected: N/A

Number of Missing: N/A

Number of Affected: N/A

Number of Evacuated: N/A

Damage level: N/A


Russia's Shiveluch volcano erupted on Friday, sending ash 30,000 feet into the air, and canceling Saturday Alaska Airlines flights. Located across the Bering Sea from Alaska on the Kamchatka Peninsula, winds carried the ash from the eruption over to the western part of the 49th state. "We canceled two roundtrip flights between Anchorage and Bethel, and Anchorage and Nome after an advisory of low visibility," Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Halley Knigge said. Shiveluch has been steadily erupting for some time now, and caused a similar atmospheric disturbance in January. Alaska Airlines is not sure if more flights will be canceled, but will not fly into areas where ash has been reported. In addition to Shiveluch, Klyuchevskoy and Karymsky volcanoes are also erupting on the peninsula. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, volcanic ash sucked into a jet engine could cause "immediate deterioration in engine performance and engine failure," as well as, "seriously erode moving engine parts." The ash's "highly abrasive" qualities could damage any forward facing external surface. Also, entrance into the jet engines means possible entrance into the cabin's ventilation system.

Event updates:

Situation Update No. 2 on 2015-03-22 at 14:46:38.

Situation Update No. 1 on 2015-03-05 at 04:08:47.

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