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Mar 5, 2015

18:09:34 GMT--Vehicle Accident - North-America - USA

EDIS Number: VI-20150305-47214-USA

Date / time: 05/03/2015 18:07:57 [UTC]

Event: Vehicle Accident

Area: North-America

Country: USA

State/County: State of Washington

Location: Orondo [Highway 97]

Number of Deads: N/A

Number of Injured: N/A

Number of Infected: N/A

Number of Missing: N/A

Number of Affected: N/A

Number of Evacuated: N/A

Damage level: Moderate


Authorities say students were injured in a collision involving a school bus and a truck in north central Washington. Washington State Patrol Trooper Darren Wright told Wenatchee radio station KPQ there were multiple injuries in the Thursday crash involving a box truck, passenger car and school bus for the Orondo School District. The crash took place about 8:30 a.m. on Highway 97 about five miles north of Orondo. The injured students have been taken to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.

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