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Apr 27, 2015

14:07:33 GMT--Extreme Weather - Asia - China

EDIS Number: ST-20150427-47964-CHN
Date / time: 27/04/2015 14:06:10 [UTC]
Event: Extreme Weather
Area: Asia
Country: China
State/County: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Location: [Province-wide]
Number of Deads: N/A
Number of Injured: N/A
Number of Infected: N/A
Number of Missing: N/A
Number of Affected: N/A
Number of Evacuated: N/A
Damage level: N/A


Major sandstorms are sweeping across the northwest of the country as it faces one of its worst bouts of yellow dust in over a decade. Weather authorities in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region say visibility dropped to less than 100 meters. The waves of sand and dust turned the sky yellow on Monday morning, while pushing temperatures below seasonal norms. The Chinese weather bureau forecasts the dusty weather will begin to taper off tomorrow.

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